June Workshop - “Hands-On” Software!

There’s nothing better than learning by doing…….hands-on! And so we had an excellent rollup of members (plus two visitors) for the June 5 workshop, ably prepared by president Rob Field. A good spread of experienced, intermediate and novice level photographers attended the evening, making for a wonderful sharing of information and techniques relating to the processing of images. Although the focus was originally to be the processing of monochrome images, it turned out that all types of processing were covered.

There were around 11 laptop and desktop computers assembled on long tables, making it easy for members to gather around the screens and checkout how each software application operated. Included applications included Photoshop (various versions), Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, Gimp, Picasa, Silver Effects Pro, and more. The experts did a great job of teaching and explaining how each application worked, and the less experienced members appeared to gain much from the evening. Thanks goes to Tony, Derek, John, Bill, the Robs’ and others for making their computers available for the workshop. It was a very successful evening.
- Rob Wagner