Lilydale Lake Workshop

We had a great night workshop on October 3. The talk was brief, just letting people know a couple of basics about what sort of shots they wanted to achieve and about doing light painting and star trails. Apart from that, people were encouraged to just “have a go.” To produce star trails Bill suggested to try a programme called “StarStaX” which is a free download and easy to use.

There were a lot of happy faces and voices around the supper table, with comments of …. “look at this…” and  “how’s this?”…..and “what a great night…”  The weather was a little chilly, to put it mildly, but at least we didn’t get rained on and the reflections in the Lake were terrific.
I know people took various shots, some of the traffic on the highway, some of the lights in the distance, some did a bit of light painting with sparklers, one or two had a go at the star bursts, although there were very few stars out,  and some went for the reflections in the lake.

Jeanie Millar