Marysville Photo Shoot

It was an absolutely superb Sunday morning for the April club outing to Marysville. The sun was out with not a cloud in the sky. The colours of the autumn leaves against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky really put everyone into a great mood. While the majority of the participants met at the Patisserie, a small “breakaway” group failed to follow Eileen’s meticulous instructions and ended up at the Bakery. Over coffee and cakes, it took us quite a while to realise that we might just be in the wrong place! 

After some regrouping, we all gathered at Bruno’s Art and Sculptures Garden for a walk through his fabulous display. It was wonderful to see just how much this gallery has recovered after the devastating fires of 2009. Most of the terracotta sculptures and art work have been restored and the garden is looking beautiful again.

Then we drove to Steavenson’s Falls which, judging by the full car park, is a very popular tourist spot! Again, it was inspiring to see just how much the environment and vegetation have regenerated. Although many of the original ferns have not yet returned, the massive gum trees and native bush are back and flourishing. There was also plenty of water tumbling over the Falls after recent rains, too.

With Tony Dimmock constantly whinging about his empty tummy, we ventured back to the Bakery for a good lunch. Later, we went our separate ways with some members exploring more of the surrounding countryside and others toddling off home. Many thanks to Eileen Earl for organising this lovely Sunday club outing.
- Rob Wagner