Three Guest Speakers at the May Meeting

We had a fabulous workshop on Thursday May 1 - if you missed it, you missed a special night!

Part 1: SLIDESHOWS presented by Peter Ward. It was easy to tell that much preparation had gone into Peter’s excellent talk and demonstration on planning and producing photographic slideshows. He offered very helpful hints on compiling the material and working with the background music. He used the impressive ProShow Producer software to show the immense flexibility that this application has in designing a top quality slideshow production. Peter showed how you can turn your photos, videos and music into totally custom, professional video slideshows for clients, friends and family. There is a Wizard to help with workflow and the catalogue of transitions is huge! Peter also played a 12 minute video which he put together from the previous weekend’s Club trip to Marysville, where he demonstrated many of the photo layouts and designs. ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold (the easier/cheaper version) are only currently available for the Windows platform.

Part 2: MONOCHROME - TURNING COLOUR INTO BLACK AND WHITE presented by Bill Millar. Beginning his talk by outlining a bit of history surrounding monochrome and colour, Bill demonstrated why just desaturating images is not enough to make a powerful and dramatic monochrome image. By using examples of RAW portrait and landscape images in Adobe Bridge, he showed us how he goes about converting colour to monochrome. There was also some discussion about why you should set your camera bit depth to greater than 8. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to view a YouTube video on making beautiful b&w images. BUT, you can check it out in this month’s Tips & Techniques page - It’s the first link listed there - Making Beautiful Black and White Images in Lightroom by Jared Platt. Well worth a look!

Finally, Chris rounded out the evening by presenting a summary of the things that judges want to see in a great b&w image. He listed important things such as photos having visual impact and depth, using the correct colour mats, composition, plus all of the usual technical aspects of a photograph. A number of members submitted a variety of images, which Chris then talked through, spotting problems and offering suggestions, providing some very helpful comments on each image. Having had some experience in judging over the years, Chris’ information proved invaluable. 
Our thanks goes to each of our guest speakers - Peter, Bill and Chris - for a really interesting series of presentations. It was clear that each guest had spent considerable time preparing their respective topics, and the night was very much appreciated by the audience.
- Rob Wagner