Visit to Gulf Station

Combined outing to Gulf Station with Yea Camera Club. Sunday 16/02/14

There were 8 members from Yea and 27 of us including Bert Hoveling & Margaret Hill. I hope we didnʼt overwhelm them too much! It was a fantastic day all round apart from starting out with a bit of rain & colder than forecast. But, as usual we managed to dodge
most of the bad weather to enjoy the farm and learning about itʼs historic background.

The restored buildings are beautiful and those that still need some TLC have a certain charm all of their own. The old farming equipment and household equipment brought a few “I remember that” comments from people and there were many photos taken, all with “Rural Decay” in mind Iʼm sure so keep a look out for them in competition.

Hot water, Tea, Coffee and milk was set up in the Barn for us on arrival. In fact the urn, etc. became a permanent fixture in the Barn for the whole day, which was very much appreciated by all present, especially since we opted to eat indoors. I did notice a few guests not from our group looking longingly into the barn a few times - oh well, sometimes you can be the lucky ones.

The Horses were beautiful and very happy to be patted and chatted to. No other animals about, apart from chickens, but we were assured by our guides that they are working on getting cows, sheep & pigs back again in the near future.

Some people ventured into the Maize maze and seemed to survive quite admirably, while others just wandered around taking in and photographing the overall peace and tranquility of the place. Eventually it got too chilly to stay, but not before a long but enjoyable day was had by all. Thank you Yea Camera Club for thinking of us for this combined outing. Hope we can do it again some time.
- Jeanie Millar