Wilson's Promontory - Annual Weekend Trip


Wow, what a trip it was. There were 19 of us in the end. We all arrived sometime in the afternoon on Friday to settle in at Buln Buln Cabins. Some stopped on the way, some went to Tidal River for a look before settling in and some just went to the accommodation and got settled. By about 5.00pm we were all gathered in the loft house for pre dinner drinks and a BBQ Dinner. Lots of chatter about what we did on the way and lots of laughter when soon after arriving at the loft house, Bill & I discovered that we had left our suitcase of clothes behind.

I have to say that the accommodation was to die for, there was every convenience imaginable at our finger tips in the Cabins and in the Loft House, even a dishwasher which was great for clearing up quickly after 19 people. Everything was ready, beds were made up, towels and soap etc. were out and the place was spotlessly clean and very welcoming, although I did hear a rumour that some of the beds were not quite as soft as some of us were used to!

The views from the cabins were, as promised, spectac-ular and the general atmosphere of peace and tranquillity seemed to weave a spell of content over us. Saturday morning everyone was up and away quite early (well almost everyone) all going in different directions and meeting up for lunch at Tidal River.Clear blue skies and a perfect day! The whole place is amazing. We all arrived back at the cabins ready to relax and enjoy another pleasant evening meal together. A big thank you everyone for your contribution in every way to a great weekend.

- Jeanie Millar


Talk about eat drink & be merry and in good company, we had the lot!

Talk about eat drink & be merry and in good company, we had the lot!