Camberwell Interclubs - Close Competition!

The Interclub Competition on Monday June 23 was a most enjoyable and closely fought
contest! Five clubs participated - Camberwell CC, Essendon CC, Williamstown CC, Knox PS
and YRPS. The judge was Paul Robinson (well-known to YRPS members). As usual, Paul
gave insightful feedback on many of the images. In the end, the overall club points tallies were:

1st - Knox (186 points)
Equal 2nd - Williamstown & Camberwell (185)
Equal 3rd - Essendon and YRPS (182)

So only 4 points separated the winners from the equal 3rd placegetters - a very tight contest
indeed! So we certainly didn't disgrace ourselves at all, indeed our contribution was very
competitive. Marks out of 15 were awarded for each print and projected image. From our
club, high marks were achieved for the following:

15 - Bill Millar - Storm Over Craig's Hut
14 - Rob Field - Gears, Bell and Gong
14 - Rob Wagner - It's Been A While
13 - Bill Millar - Shag, Not on a Rock!

15 - Rob Wagner - The Affordable Bubbly
14 - Peter Ward - Gravel Rash
14 - Bill Millar - Gulf Station Door
13 - Rob Wagner - I Don't Feel so Good
13 - Karen Mays - Pampered Pooch

After the announcement of winners, Paul Robinson presented a talk on the directions that photography and photographic equipment might take into the future. Well done to everyone to all participants. And we also had a good representation from YRPS on the night as well. In
attendance were: Rob F, Liz, Tony, Carina, Dotti, Derek, Rose and spouse, and myself (RobW). The evening went very smoothly with Camberwell delivering great hospitality (wonderful supper) and most welcoming to the visiting club members.