Lightroom & Photoshop Workshop - A Great Learning Opportunity

On Thursday July 3, a second successful DIY workshop was completed with approximately 22 eager participants. The night concentrated on Lightroom & Photoshop. Many came back after last month’s workshop to revisit some of the software’s hidden shortcuts and useful adjustment tools. This month, we focused on image enhancement. It was a very relaxed but productive evening and everyone left with a better understanding of their chosen software. Rave reviews of the evening on our Facebook page from the following members…..

"Good night last night, there's a lot to know about Lightroom but know more after last night than I did, which is good. Thanks Bob for your patience and your willingness to share." (Dotti Newman)

"It was great! Thanks to Bill also for his patience and teaching! I learnt so much last night I can see my photos improving dramatically!!" (Lisa Green)

"I agree about last night. Excellent workshop, well done. I also learned a lot from willing people who want to share their knowledge. Thank you." (Jill Bell)