Wayne Cosshall Workshop

 It’s always wonderful to have guest speakers come along to club meetings who not only teach about better photography practices, but also make you think more deeply about what and why you are making photographs. Wayne Cosshall is one of those people. His workshop on Thursday August 7 was a fantastic presentation that offered both home truths about photography and raised questions over long-held beliefs. Although the presentation was initially titled From Composition to the Wow Factor, the session proved to be far more wide-ranging than just the subject of composition. All sorts of topics came up, were thrashed out and dispensed with! Wayne also brought along many photographs in large print format on a variety of papers to use as additional discussion points and examples of approaches to artistic photography. We came away with a belief that some of the golden“rules of photography” were made to be broken! All in all, it was a great evening. Thanks to Tony Dimmock for arranging Wayne’s appearance at the workshop.