Weekend in Kyneton

What a great weekend away! Eileen did a wonderful job of arranging our annual photo club weekend to Kyneton and the surrounding area. We had good accommodation at Campaspe Downs Country resort. Once everyone arrived Friday night, we ventured down to the local Shamrock Hotel in Kyneton for dinner - big meals with plenty of conversation and plans for the coming few days. After dinner, a few continued the festivities back at the camp in the large private recreation room

Saturday morning saw some of us wandering around the large lake and grounds with cameras in hand, while others took the opportunity to roll over for a few extra hours sleep, and didn’t even feel guilty. We gathered together for breakfast, then dispersed to find our own photographic opportunities. Some went towards the direction of Hanging Rock, and Trentham. The falls there were spectacular. Others headed to Black Rock about 2.5 km round trip walk up and down the rocky mountain. Members crossed paths every now and again along the highways and back roads. Regrouping again later that afternoon saw plenty of wine ( it was hot) snacks and group photos by the lake. Later, sitting down for a well cooked BBQ meal in the main room with plenty of chatter and laughs. Sunday morning we were treated with pancakes for breakfast. Then most went out for another look the around the area, before heading for home.