International Success for Karen Mays


WOW!! Big congratulations to Karen on her placings at the recent 2014 International Loupe Awards. She has picked up a Gold Award in the Illustrative category for her image Modern Living, and a Bronze Award in the Landscape category for her Beautifully Slow. This is worthy recognition for whom all club members recognise as being one highly talented photographer!

On our Facebook page, Karen said, “This is all due to YRPS. I would never have had the guts to enter in the first place let alone put in one of my crazy creations if the Club wasn't so encouraging and made me feel comfortable about exploring and presenting images that are way different to everyone else's work. (I go into a minor panic every comp night).”

She went on to say about her  photograph, “Interesting to note that this image didn't get a placing on club night, probably because I cut a bit off when framing it, so it goes to prove that if one judge doesn't like your photo, all it means is that one judge didn't like your photo. The club is really encouraging. The "other" club I go to are really serious, the judges look at my creatives and go "I don't get it...NEXT!" Even though we draw on the same pool of judges, and some have been at both clubs (I notice a big difference in the same judge at different venue). I guess that's a reflection on the club's friendly atmosphere which envelops the visiting judges and has them giving us pleasant and useful feedback on the images rather than “next”."

Karen only submitted four photographs, so to receive placing for two of them is a real achievement. Hearty congratulations on some well-deserved success, Karen.

Modern Living -  Karen Mays   

Modern Living - Karen Mays