Lighting Workshop

 We had another very successful “hands-on” workshop on Thursday October 2 at the club rooms. Special thanks to Rob Field, Tony Dimmock, John Clark and David Grinyer who brought along heaps of lighting gear, backdrops, soft box lights, and other bits  to allow members to try their lighting and portrait skills. Shutter sounds were going off everywhere, along with lots of questions, advice and experimentation. It was quite a fun evening, really!! 

We were lucky to have two models in action: Rob Wagner’s daughter, Stephanie is an actor who has spent the last four years in Japan working for Tokyo Disney. Currently, she is home briefly before returning to Japan to work with Universal Studios in Osaka. Next year, she is flitting off to Los Angeles for upwards of three years work in the film, TV and theatre industry. Steph made three clothes changes and makeup throughout the evening to provide some variety to the shoot. Well-known YRPS member and videographer, Danny Field offered another dimension with the sullen look of a guitar hero! Thank you to both models for making the time and having the patience to stand there and try out many different poses for the eager photographers.

You can see how the evening progressed through this YouTube video: