Astrophotography Workshop

Despite some notable absences with a few members on holidays, a good number attended the astrophotography workshop on November 5. Rob Wagner began the evening by reminding us of what we should be looking for in the sky. He played a video from Ben Canales who took us to Mount Hood in Oregon, USA on a virtual astro outing to show us and discuss the fundamentals of this specialised field of image making.

Rob then talked about his own experiences so far and presented the group with a list of “to-dos” before embarking on an evening shooting the stars. He also covered the tricky art of post processing using Lightroom (which can also be done easily on other software packages). 

After supper, he discussed how aurora are formed. Then Jill Bell talked about her amazing experience in Alaska, spending a night photographing and admiring the spectacular sights of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). She played a 15-min video showing the beautiful time-lapse photography captured by one of the members of her tour group.

Finally, Rob played a short video of a wonderful series of images taken by local photographers of Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) on the evening of August 16, this year. All-in-all, a most informative evening, and our new projector was pressed into use for the occasion, performing well above expectations!