Youth Mentoring - Through a Lens

On Wednesday September 9 at 5:30pm, representing YRPS, I attended a special photographic exhibition entitled Youth Mentoring - Through a Lens”. It was held at the Yarra Junction Community Link offices. This exhibition was the result of interactions between adult mentors and young people who find themselves in difficult circumstances or who are at risk. They are participants of the Jindi Woraback and L2P Youth Mentoring Program, under the auspices of the Youth Services division of the Yarra Ranges Council. 


Over six sessions, the young people and their mentors were encouraged to develop their creative skills by working together to capture a mixture of conceptual and abstract artwork. Participants were able to explore and build upon their mentoring relationships by capturing images of people and belongings that hold importance to them. It was clear that everyone had gained much from the experience as well as learning more about themselves and each other. The standard of work presented at the final exhibition was high. The council, and in particular, Youth Services are to be congratulated on this initiative. Photography is a wonderful vehicle for discovering more about ourselves. (Rob Wagner)