Fabulous Night at the Epson Printing Workshop

Derek - Epson

 There was a fantastic workshop on Thursday April 16, enjoyed by around 50 people. Our guest, Derek Mobbs, Training and Applications Specialist at Epson Aust. Pty Ltd delivered a most informative and entertaining talk and powerpoint presentation. During the evening, Derek covered his approach to printing workflow including correct monitor setup, viewing conditions within the workspace, Epson printers in general, the importance of using genuine inks rather than third party inks, Epson’s extensive range of papers, and some information on ICC profiles. Derek’s talk went for about 1.5 hours, then we had supper and the drawing of the big raffle. The winner of the Epson R3000 printer was YRPS member, Jill Bell. While the draw was underway, Jill was in the kitchen washing up….so it was a big surprise for her.

 It was great to see some visitors at the workshop, too. There were quite a few members from other local clubs in attendance, and they appeared to enjoy the evening, offering their thanks and appreciation to YRPS for the extended invitation. This was received from the Maroondah Photographic Society:

 I didn’t get a chance to meet you last night but I just wanted to congratulate your club on what I thought was a great evening. There were a couple of people along from Maroondah Photographic Society along with a guest I brought from the Corel Down Under group. (Richard from CDU was the one who won the Spyder and then donated it back). Once again, thanks for putting on a great evening and the hospitality shown to us from your club members.  Darryl Howman (Hon Secretary), Maroondah  Photographic Society

Special thanks to Derek for flying down from Sydney, spending time with us and providing such an educational evening. Also thanks must go to Rob Field who arranged for Derek’s visit and demonstrated his expertise in juggling dates around in an effort to avoid the Easter holiday period.