February Workshop - Travel Photography

Mark Stennett

Special thanks to Mark Stennett for a great presentation on Travel Photography at the February 5th workshop. The evening was well attended with 25 members (and four visitors) enjoying Mark’s wonderful photography and stories behind the images, along with some thoughtful advice on creating your own luck in capturing the moment.

Comments from the following members after the event say it all:
Enjoyed the workshop last night! Many thanks to the organizers and to Mark. Some things the presentation made me think of are:
- pause and look back occasionally 
- at 1/15 or slower, take three shots on auto drive - traveling with photographers is different from sight-seeing with family and friends - plan shots, and rework them if possible - maybe revisit the same site - I need to choose more interesting subjects, and then get in close. 
(Bob Warfield) 
It was a good informative night loved the photos from our group with the encouraging discussion gives us all good advice. (Rose Sherriff)
Yes travelling with photographers is so different than with unlikeminded family. I have been on several photography tours and would thoroughly recommend them. I too took a lot away from last night. Thank you to the organisers. (Jill Bell)
Mark’s photos were wonderful. So beautifully edited and such a nice tone to them - rich blacks. They remind me of Steve McCurry. Wish I was able to do more travelling sans family. [One day when I'm old.]  (Helen Christie)