Launching the “EXPRESSIONS” Exhibition

Lynette Launching

After many long months of planning, meetings, and submissions, the first major exhibition of the Yarra Ranges Photographic Society was officially launched on Saturday May 16 with a reception of nearly 100 in attendance during the course of the afternoon. There were many happy faces and proud YRPS members at the afternoon’s opening! Every member present got a big buzz from seeing their work displayed so elegantly in the Warburton Arts Centre Gallery. Congratulations to the 25 exhibitors for contributing to the project with such a wealth and diverse array of themes, ideas and inspirations.

 Thanks must go to our hard-working sub-committee in pulling it all together: Cheryl Chippendale, Chris Hoare, Lisa Pownall, Antony Dimmock and YRPS President Rob Field. In addition, thanks must also be extended to YRPS members Trish Field and Helen Christie for their assistance in the weeks leading up to the launch, and to Jade Bitar from the Shire of Yarra Ranges for her help and advice.

Finally, this event would not have got underway without the help our three sponsors: Digital Print Art, Dindi Sawmillers, and Log Cabin Pizza. The exhibition closes on Tuesday June 9.