Pushing to Breaking Point - Wayne Cosshall Workshop

What an interesting Thursday workshop on July 2! Our guest, Wayne, returned to make us think, question our photography processes, provoke us and push us to remove ourselves from our comfort zones. It was an entertaining and interactive presentation and discussion, which was enjoyed by all in attendance. 
A few brave people brought along their work for critical appraisal by Wayne. He was direct, open and honest, while also allowing  time for each photographer to explain the meaning behind each created image. 
Later in the evening, a lively interaction ensued regarding the two “creative” sections in our monthly competitions - how can they be better defined and how can they be better assessed. This led to the inevitable topic of the value (or otherwise!) of competitions. This turned out to be a most informative and entertaining evening. Many thanks to Wayne Cosshall for making time to visit us once again.