Fascinating "Show and Tell Workshop

In our meeting on August 4, we had a number of members give small presentations along with a couple of images to critique. Firstly, Jill Bell gave us a talk on fireworks and her recent outing to the Docklands, which a few us we didn’t attend due to the rain - The do’s & don’ts and the required preparation needed to capture those perfect shots. 

Russell Brand suggested a method for recording your holiday images for your family & friends. By creating and using a private Facebook page as a daily journal, then when home generate a travel book of your adventures. Print at home or at local printer as required. A good record of your trips for future reference. Russell also used audio visual to highlight his adventures using Premier and Proshow .

Bob Warfield brought along his 3D camera and prints to impress us. Bob gave everyone a brief explanation of how the system works. Cameras worth between $200 - $600, the paper 3D glasses were cheap. Note: A 3D camera club has just joined VAPS.

Helen Christie showed us some amazing aerial photos that she had taken while on holidays in Northern Territory, taken from an helicopter with the door removed. Always one daredevil in any club. Helen detailed her experience in the 45 minutes that she was airbourne. One of those images has been entered in the Maroondah Interclub competition.

Rob Field discussed and provided examples of tripods. There is a lot more to selecting a tripod than you would think. For example the weight factor, and if the unit will support the camera & lens. Others factors include how easy to adjust the tripod and head system. Some similar tripods can be as much as 1kg lighter.

From there ND filter systems were discussed, circular and square. Lee square filter are the bees knees but the Athabasca system is half the price. The circular ND is the same price as the square filter. The bracket to hold the square filters are around $115 which is composed of a adaptor ring and frame. The ring diameter suits the lens diameter. The rings are interchangeable for particular lenses, but the frame suits all ring sizes. The method for exposing for the shot was discussed,there are FREE long exposure applications available for you mobile phone.

Antony Dimmock touched on the ND filter system with information on the many manufacturers, variations in branding. (Refer to the spec. sheet in the ebook) He also showed a paper hard copy chart for calculating exposure times with the ND filter attached.  Antony also made available a ebook, “The perfect exposure.” To finish, Antony demonstrated his new RGB light stick 5000k. Antony also brought along a small 5000k LED ceiling lamp that he purchased from Bunnings. Comes supplied with a 3 pin plug. Would be very inexpensive to purchase 2 or 3 of these units to set up as modelling lamps. Price per unit around $20.

Ray Pleming showed us some images from a recent trip and discussed the issue of lighting inside some of the museums he visited and difficulty of exposing correctly using a small camera flash.

A few question on technical matters were discussed, which brought the evening to a end. All in all, a very successful and diverse workshop.