Glynn Lavender Workshop: 
Entertaining and Informative!

The visit to our June 2nd Workshop meeting by Glynn Lavender was a highlight of the year, so far. Glynn talked us through his 177-page presentation on “How to photograph people you don’t know”. Listening to his stories, I had a feeling at times that he had a death wish, with some of the situations he found himself in while travelling around India, America and other overseas destinations. Definitely brings it home that you need a lot of charm and a lay back attitude to pursue this as a full time endeavour.

For those that were unable to attend the workshop on Thursday June 2, you missed a very entertaining night, with plenty of banter and a down-to-earth approach on photography, not that we had to agree with some of his practices. (He shoots in JPEG) It was evident that he loves what he does. One of Glynn’s main points was “Be a seeker of light, and shape with shadows”. This became apparent during his presentation when showing his images.

During and after our refreshments break, Glynn chatted and answered questions from members with very candid spade-is-a-spade discussions. The general consensus from members was that Glynn was a very informative and entertaining speaker.