Long Exposure Outing to Toorongo Falls

This was officially the first of the Long Exposure SIG outings. We arrived at the Trestle Bridge in Noojee to find the car park quiet busy. But on closer inspection we found that they were mainly YRPS people! We had 13 members attend which was a great turn out, plus one very excited puppy, Twiggy.

It was around 10am, the sun was very bright, not the best time to photograph the bridge. A few of our group decided to venture to the top while other were brewing a hot drink. After the group photo, we all headed into town for a toilet break and a takeaway cappuccino. And of course a pie breakfast, which ended up stressing out the shop owner - they didn’t expect a large hungry group so early in the morning. After a good chat and feed we set off for the falls around 11am.
Upon arrival, some decided to head up the steep right

Bob Warfield, Sharon Maher, Di Passlow, Linda and Fred Lyons hand side towards the Toorongo Falls, stopping along the way to take photos, maybe more an excuse for a breather. Setting up the gear with ND’s and tripods does take a little longer, particularly if you want that extra sharp image. 

Some others wisely decided to take the left hand track heading towards the Amphitheatre Falls. A much more scenic trail and a less strenuous walking track. I believe that it’s around 1.2km from the car park to the Toorongo Falls then across to Amphitheatre Falls and back down, a total of 3 or 4 km, making it a good walk before lunch. We spent around three hours at the falls and then appetites took over, so headed to the Toolshed. It was a full day, departed at 8.45am and arrived home at 5pm.