Photo Trivia Rally - A Fun Day!

Every one arrived at Lilydale Lake on time and eager to set off. After explaining the rules -which were very simple, there were no rules, they were sent off, at 5 minute intervals. With their instruction sheet and navigator(s) they make their way to the secret destination. The first stop was Tarra Warra Winery. The compulsory photo was the rusty steel sculpture, with some members taking an artistic approach looking at interesting angles - “not your normal photo club image”, someone would say.

Half way through the run we all met up, thankfully no one managed to get lost. The halfway point was the Healesville Railway Station. The train was running, and there was an indigenous ceremony in progress. The coffee and light refreshments and general conversation made it a pleasant stop.
12.00 noon and on time so we headed to our final destination, which was Badger Creek Weir. The joint winners were Lisa & Helen, receiving a bottle of wine each, for their effort. Thanks to Adam, Helen’s husband for helping Lisa with car troubles – a faulty battery. A couple of booby prizes were given out and the stress egg to Lisa.

Though the day started out cool, it soon warmed up and we had a very pleasant picnic lunch, good company and plenty of bird life, begging for their photo to be taken.