Long Exposure City Excursion

This proved to be a rewarding outing for all of those that attended the afternoon/night adventure. On arrival at Flinders Station we ventured across to St Johns Church in order to get some photo’s of the Flinders Station clocks and the surrounding activity (of both people and cars). In addition to this there was the opportunity to capture images of the church, unsuspecting bystanders, and (in Russell’s case - a quick visit to Hosier Lane). From St Johns Church, we went across the road and under the St Kilda Bridge heading South in the direction of the Webb Bridge. It was a good way to familiarise ourselves with the area and the activities that were happening along the Yarra.

We broke off into smaller groups or went solo for a brief period of time to capture some images along the Yarra as we pleased. There were numerous bridges to photograph and fortunately for us some sport activities on the water, particularly the rowing clubs going through their paces. The opportunities that were available to us during the daylight period included practising long exposure (in my case), panning techniques, city/riverscape and general street/journalist photography.

On reaching the Webb Bridge, we stopped for about an hour and had tea at the “Hooks At The Yarra” cafe bar. We progressed from the cafe after a full feed and refreshments to the the Webb Bridge and set up our camera’s for some city night shots. This was a new experience for most of us that included taking photos of the city night lit buildings, the Web Bridge, lots of berthed yachts, the Bolte Bridge and all of the reflections that were present from these subjects.
With all of the opportunities that arose from this particular outing, I am sure that you will likely be seeing a few of the images pop up in some of the upcoming “Open" competitions. Thank you to everyone who attended the city outing and made the event a pleasurable and enjoyable adventure.  (Sharon Maher)