Outing to Murcheson Gap & Mason Falls - 9th July

We arrived at the gap just before sunrise, cloud cover prevented any dramatic sunrise images. The hills featured a variety of colours and tones, unfortunately, no fog. Below the lookout were herds of Kangaroos. After standing on the lookout for about an hour, it was time to get out the hot drink, cake and biscuits and an opportunity to get our hands warm A few of us were trying out long exposure but the lack of wind and the thick cloud formation didn’t produce the desired effect, though some persisted.

We spent a couple of hours at the lookout, before heading into Broadford for a coffee and light snack at the bakery. The pies were very nice, and so was the bread that a few of the ladies purchased before we left. With Murcheson Gap, the colours and tones change so quickly, so we headed back for a few parting shot’s, and it didn’t disappoint. By this time the kangaroos were bathing in the sun.

Next stop, Mason Falls, Kinglake. A large parking area, BBQ’s, tables etc. The falls lookout is along a 500m nature walk, a little undulating but the pathways were stable, a pleasant walk. Being our driest June on record, it wasn’t a surprise with the lack of water coming over the rocks. The rock formation is very spectacular, unfortunately, access to it is very limited.I was lucky enough to spot a lyrebird, not quick enough to get a picture. (I swear I did see a lyrebird but didn’t see any Drop bears )

Sugarloaf lookout is on the same main road, so we Headed up the mountain. The views are spectacular but not suitable for photography, too many trees obscuring the view and preventing a clear shot. Unfortunately no elevated lookout like at Mount Donna, which is a shame, as you do get a good view of Melbourne.

Heading towards home, but first lunch at the Kinglake hotel, the Bistro was full but we were able to get a table for eight in the quiet bar area. With a choice from Bar or Bistro menu, win win. it was an enjoyable day and getting up extra early wasn’t that hard after all