Creative Workshop with Emma Gilette

Emma didn’t disappoint with her creative photography ideas workshop on August 3. We were lead through the many facets of creative photography, filters, gels, utilising different materials over the lens and just being creative with lighting. Key points: 1) get as much right in the camera - pre-production and 2) use photo editing software to provide extra creative composition - post production.

Emma demonstrated how you can obtain and make some great inexpensive lighting aids along with techniques to produce great images. Emma’s set up consisted of a cardboard box painted black with different sized windows on all sides of the box, with opaque tracing paper glued over the holes, cardboard barn door attached to cover the cut outs to regulate the light - one lighting diffuser. Place a desk lamp or two, inside to develop the lighting you require. Placing a black cardboard cone (Snoot) over the lamp produced a thin point of light to the right location. The main points you would have taken from this exercise is that: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to enable you to create a strong image, and it was highlighted for me was the how a small amount of light created a whole new perspective on the image, lighting can be very subtle Emma’s stressed if you have a vision, of what you want to achieve, don’t be frightened of making mistakes. Just keep experimenting.