Workshop Presentation by James McEwan - Photojournalist.

Jim McEwan's journey in photojournalism, starting in around 1970 He commenced his photographic career in Scotland and ending up in Australia. Jim explained that he started in the darkroom, developing the images for most of the well know photojournalists of the time, in the UK and Australia. This gave him a good grounding in his own pursuit of Photography. He worked for major newspaper/media groups, magazines plus photographic assignments for large companies, like Kodak.

Jim lead us through his journey with around 100 images, Portraits of well know Australians. Some of his images made the front page in national & international publications. We were shown some of Jim's more artistic images of motor vehicles and a variety of sailing vessels and aircraft which also graced a number of magazines. A lot of Jim’s images were taken on film, a number with the Widelux Panon camera. Some of his antidotes on how he was able to take some of these images left a few members amazed on how far you had to go to be in the game and get that one in a million shot.

One suggestion for the novice photographer was to practice by shooting seagulls, perfect your panning, focusing and shot selection. A good tip!