June Workshop - Three Fascinating Topics


The first part of the evening workshop began with Andrew demonstrating how to clean your camera sensor. A few of the points made: remove any excess dust and grit from the body of the camera before doing anything. Then go to the camera menu > sensor cleaning > clean now. Then turn the camera upside down and blow out the camera with the rocket air hand pump. (around $36 for pump and optical cleaning solution). Purchase a packet of cleaning swabs - that suit your camera APS-C or full frame. These can be quite expensive at $2.95 each and come in a bulk pack for about $40. They can only be used ONCE. But a packet should last for a number of years. Use the optical cleaner very sparingly, about 3 small drops, spread along the edge of the cleaning swab. Lock up the mirror > menu >sensor cleaning >Clean manually. The mirror will then lock up until you switch off the camera. Have a good look to see if you can see any dust spots. A torch and good glasses will be helpful. Place the swab on the edge of the sensor, slowly pull it across the sensor. Basically, that’s it, or so Andrew tells us. If all fails, Yoshi is not far away. For those new members, Hiroyoshi Nagami Camera service is in Mooroolbark repairs and cleans cameras.

Antony gave a brief talk on Fine art Photography - what is meant by Fine Art Photography, the paper and the printing process. He will present the second part of this at the August workshop - Fine Art Printing.

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 12.35.26 pm.jpeg

And finally, the balance of the evening was taken up with old and rare cameras. We had three presenters who are very passionate about their collection of old and interesting gear. A lot of these cameras have an interesting history and some are still operating. I couldn’t help but kick myself as Andrew, John and Greg spoke about these old cameras, as I have over the years let a couple of these gems get away. A few members indicated that they enjoyed the night and it is worth revisiting again in a few months. So sort out your old gems and be ready to bring them along to another workshop, probably in September. I would like to thank those members who contributed to the evening.

- Rob Field (President)