Photoshoot - Lilydale Lime Quarry- 135 Years of History


Having worked at the quarry Lime plant for 45 years, and in that time taken many photos, it was a little different going back and seeing and photographing it in its derelict state. You would have thought that it had been derelict for many years, but in fact, it closed in 2015, only 3 short years ago. This was an opportunity to try and capture something artistic/ different given that there may not be another opportunity to visit.

Seventeen members attended with 11 in the first group and 6 in the second group. After the basic induction and donning out safety gear, safety helmet, glasses and high-vis vest, the first group headed out into the plant. We started at the old Limil bagging station through to the tunnel, where the old pot kilns are located. These were the first kilns on site around the 1870s. Then on to the kiln discharge area, hydration, kiln burning area and finally to the top of the quarry. We spend about one hour walking around, unfortunately not sufficient time to really visit all the interesting locations. I was hoping that we would get to the very top of the kilns, unfortunately, this didn’t happen. Great views from there. - Rob Field (President)