March Workshop - Photo Books

Books 1.jpg

Photo Books proved to be a most informative and interesting workshop. Eight members brought in quite a large variety of photo books. The idea for the night was to highlight the do and don’t of printing your own and to provide information about the suppliers, costs, ease of their software. We received some very good examples of who NOT to use. The quality of nearly all the books was very high and comparing one company from another was quite difficult at times.

Some of the tips from the workshop included:

  • Don’t rush your completed photo book through to the company - best to proofread a few time and get a second opinion - once the order is placed it’s too late.

  • The image size should always be hi-res full size, the software will manage and resize.

  • Have some sort of plan with regard to setting up your photo book.

  • Wait and watch, discounts are always coming through, don’t pay full price.

  • From the workshop, Albumworks, Blurb and Momento were the main suppliers.