Outing to Melbourne Botanical Gardens - Tuesday 23rd April


The day started out with a brisk walk to the gardens, stopping at various locations along the way to take an occasional snap. Though generally quiet around Melbourne, there was a lot of activity around the shrine preparing for Anzac day. Some of us were a little slow getting out our cameras, while our president was right in the thick of it with his old retro Minolta digital and his well-advertised Fuji X70. James McEwan was shooting with Widelux 35mm film camera, and Antony Dimmock was shooting with a very small old digital camera, it felt a little like the twilight zone. Eventually, the Canons' came out and we began shooting.

There are some very large and spectacular trees and a variety of plants at the gardens. Unfortunately, the photos don’t do them justice. We made our way around the gardens stopping at the hothouse where there were some very colourful exotic plants. But our lenses immediately steamed up once we entered the building, making it impossible to get a clear image, but it did create some interesting effects. We hadn’t gotten far when we came upon two black swans with four cygnets. A definite photo opportunity.

The last stretch, we headed around the lake, a few nice landscape shots presented themselves before reaching the front gate. All in all a great day, the weather was just right, and we had covered around 8 km.