Cold Judging, Critiquing and Copping it Sweet.

Our Thursday, May 2 workshop on Judging was either going to be a success or an all-out bun fight as we opened the floor for all the members to do some cold judging! Thankfully the good humour prevailed and no ambulances were called. El Presidente opened the session by going through some basics of what judges will be looking for in photos and threw in some added advice on recognising that different genres of photography need some different allowances.

The concept of not just bringing along one print you liked and one you didn’t, but also cold judging someone else’s print that you liked and one you disliked was both unique and intriguing. I learned that one of my images looked better upside down, and we all are now aware that future Pelican photos need to be very special! A big thanks to all the members who allowed their photos to be scrutinised, and also to all those who had a go at cold judging. Several people remarked afterwards that this should become an annual event. - Greg Carrick