Long Exposure Group Excursion


After cancelling once, due to weather, we decided to take a chance and go ahead with the planned outing on October 31,  even though the weather forecast didn’t look that exciting. Eleven of us meet up at the Wesburn cemetery car park at 6.30pm before heading down to the silos, which were built in 1905 to hold hops.

Halloween Props in action at the Wesburn Cemetary 

Halloween Props in action at the Wesburn Cemetary 

We parked over the river and made our way to the road, parallel to the silos. Some of the stragglers were fortunate enough to speak to the owners who invited us into the property to get a closer look. We headed out towards the silos, watching our step so as not to tread in the fresh cow pats scattered on the paddock.

There were lots of vantage points as we moved around the paddock, with everyone doing their own thing. A young bull took a fancy to Rose and Laurie, as they were leaving the paddock. Their playful dance kept the rest of us entertained. Unfortunately, no one thought to take a picture as we were too busy laughing. By about 8 pm it was becoming dark and the cloud cover prevented any hope of star gazing, so we headed back to our vehicles.

Near the hops silos.

Near the hops silos.

25th Anniversary Dinner at Museum & Gracious Grace

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It's been a long time coming but the Yarra Ranges Photographic Society finally reached a milestone of 25 years. 33 members and guests enjoyed the get together to view some work from our 2017 Expressions Exhibition and celebrate the occasion The festivity commenced in the museum’s Chalmers Room with pre-dinner drinks and general conversation. After an introduction and welcome, Neil Follett gave a brief speech on the club's history. It was good to catch-up with past members Margaret Monk, John Croxford and Carina Harding, who have all been members for many of those 25 years.

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2017 YRPS Weekend Trip to Echuca


Friday 29th September, fifteen members and spouses headed for Echuca for the long weekend.  The weekend itinerary was quite full, but with plenty of time to venture out on your own. The motel was close enough that we mostly travelled on foot, only 15 minutes to the Historic Port of Echuca, pubs, restaurants and shops. 

Saturday saw some of us rise early for a walk around town, before breakfast at a local cafe. Everyone made their way down to the meeting place for 10.00 am, ready to board the paddle steamer Canberra. This was a good vantage point in the middle of the river, especially when you have another paddle steamer on your tail.

After lunch, we headed for the steam engine and farm machinery sheds at Rotary Park. Michael Stansbury, the past president of the Rotary in Echuca, kindly gave us the run of the site. Lots of old traction engines, trucks and general machinery. Sunday morning was an early breakfast, packed the car and headed towards home, although some others ventured off in other directions to see what they had missed on the weekend. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend with enthusiastic fellow photographers.

AIPP Judging and Trade Show - Friday 25th August


A few members recently attended the Australian Institute of Profesional Photographers (AIPP) awards & trade show, which ran over three days. Of course, the images were beautifully printed and showed a variety of subjects. Once the prints had been judged they were exhibited on the display boards for viewing. There were four judging panels with five judges per panel. As well as the awards, there were quite a few exhibitors showcasing their products at the mini trade show, with show discounts for those interested in saving a few dollars.

Judges making a closer inspection of the award winning entries.

Judges making a closer inspection of the award winning entries.

A Visit to Gulf Station and Alowyn Gardens - August 13

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On a beautiful mild sunny morning, twenty-five members and partners of YRPS and Eastern Suburbs Photographic Society met up at Gulf Station for a joint club outing. We gathered in the old shed for a meeting before splitting up into two groups. One group was given the tour of the house and outbuildings, while the other group explored the property looking for photo opportunities. The draft horses are very tame and love to have their photos taken without too much encouragement. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the morning with plenty of old machinery, tools, building and animals to keep us photographically occupied. Alowyn Gardens is always worth a visit, and then it was on to the Grand Hotel for lunch. 

Creative Workshop with Emma Gilette

Emma didn’t disappoint with her creative photography ideas workshop on August 3. We were lead through the many facets of creative photography, filters, gels, utilising different materials over the lens and just being creative with lighting. Key points: 1) get as much right in the camera - pre-production and 2) use photo editing software to provide extra creative composition - post production.

Emma demonstrated how you can obtain and make some great inexpensive lighting aids along with techniques to produce great images. Emma’s set up consisted of a cardboard box painted black with different sized windows on all sides of the box, with opaque tracing paper glued over the holes, cardboard barn door attached to cover the cut outs to regulate the light - one lighting diffuser. Place a desk lamp or two, inside to develop the lighting you require. Placing a black cardboard cone (Snoot) over the lamp produced a thin point of light to the right location. The main points you would have taken from this exercise is that: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to enable you to create a strong image, and it was highlighted for me was the how a small amount of light created a whole new perspective on the image, lighting can be very subtle Emma’s stressed if you have a vision, of what you want to achieve, don’t be frightened of making mistakes. Just keep experimenting.

Outing to Murcheson Gap & Mason Falls - 9th July

We arrived at the gap just before sunrise, cloud cover prevented any dramatic sunrise images. The hills featured a variety of colours and tones, unfortunately, no fog. Below the lookout were herds of Kangaroos. After standing on the lookout for about an hour, it was time to get out the hot drink, cake and biscuits and an opportunity to get our hands warm A few of us were trying out long exposure but the lack of wind and the thick cloud formation didn’t produce the desired effect, though some persisted.

We spent a couple of hours at the lookout, before heading into Broadford for a coffee and light snack at the bakery. The pies were very nice, and so was the bread that a few of the ladies purchased before we left. With Murcheson Gap, the colours and tones change so quickly, so we headed back for a few parting shot’s, and it didn’t disappoint. By this time the kangaroos were bathing in the sun.

Next stop, Mason Falls, Kinglake. A large parking area, BBQ’s, tables etc. The falls lookout is along a 500m nature walk, a little undulating but the pathways were stable, a pleasant walk. Being our driest June on record, it wasn’t a surprise with the lack of water coming over the rocks. The rock formation is very spectacular, unfortunately, access to it is very limited.I was lucky enough to spot a lyrebird, not quick enough to get a picture. (I swear I did see a lyrebird but didn’t see any Drop bears )

Sugarloaf lookout is on the same main road, so we Headed up the mountain. The views are spectacular but not suitable for photography, too many trees obscuring the view and preventing a clear shot. Unfortunately no elevated lookout like at Mount Donna, which is a shame, as you do get a good view of Melbourne.

Heading towards home, but first lunch at the Kinglake hotel, the Bistro was full but we were able to get a table for eight in the quiet bar area. With a choice from Bar or Bistro menu, win win. it was an enjoyable day and getting up extra early wasn’t that hard after all

Fire Light Festival. - Docklands Friday 30th June

Seven of us made the trek to the Docklands for Friday evening Fire Light Festival. While waiting we discussed/ debated camera settings, there were a number of conclusions but the lady beside us provided her method and we followed suit. Bulb, ISO 100, F11 for 7 seconds, or there about. Just before 8.00 pm the effigy was set alight and the fireworks started. A few screams and cheers from the public but a lot of concentration from us as we tried to time our cameras to coincide with the fireworks exploding in the sky. We were just getting the hang of it when it stopped. It ollks like we will be having another try again next year!

International Award for Antony Dimmock

Antony Dimmock was recently pleasantly surprised to receive notification from NYC4PA - Wandering Curves photographic competition. (NYC4pa stands for New York Centre for Photographic art). He entered two of his “Mobeus Curves” images into the international photographic competition. The competition received over 800 entries. Antony’s image “Black Mobeus Curve” was selected as first place by judge Ellen Denuto. Other than a monetary prize, Antony’s image will be displayed at the Jadite Gallery - Manhattan, in October 2017. Congratulations on some well deserved recognition, Antony!

Biennial Photographic Exhibition Warburton March 16th to May 2nd

The Opening of our 2nd Biennial exhibition on Saturday 18th March at Upper Yarra Arts Centre Warburton was well attended by club members and members of the public. Thanks go to the Exhibition Subcommittee, who worked tirelessly to make this exhibition what it is.

We had 26 members that exhibited and the quality of the photography was outstanding. Members and guests enjoyed a glass of wine or orange juice while nibbling on the delicious food again pro-vided by Log Cabin Pizza. John very generously catered for the exhibition again this year If you’re out that way, and feel like some food, please support Log Cabin Pizza in Launching Place. Rob Wagner gave a great speech, perfectly encapsulating what the Yarra Ranges Photographic Society is all about. 

Mark Boyle, (Manager of Design, Media & ICT from Swinburne Wantirna campus) declared the 2nd Y.R.P.S Photography Exhibition officially open, after a short speech saying how impressed he was with the work on display. 

exhibition (8 of 11).jpg

None of this would be possible without the generosity of the following:

Bendigo Bank - Mooroolbark Branch for a financial grant which covered the cost of printing for the exhibition

John at Log Cabin Pizza, Launching Place.

Joel from Digital Print Art, for the printing and mounting of all the photographs.

Jade Bitar, Ali and Staff from the Shire of Yarra Ranges Exhibitions department.

(Rob Field)