Resize Digital Images in Photoshop to 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The first step to resize images in Photoshop is to decide whether you want to resize a number of images, or just one image. If you want to resize a number of images it is quickest to copy them into a folder and process the folder rather than the individual images.


1)  Open the image in Photoshop.
2)  In the menu heading “file” go down to the subheading of “scripts” and then across to “Image Processor…”
3)  The Image Processor window shows a number of options.

  •  In option section 1 select “Use Open Image”
  •  In option section 2 select “Save in Same Location”
  • In option section 3 tick save as JPEG  and select a high JPEG quality – 8 to 12.
  • Tick “Resize to Fit” and enter 1920 for “W” and 1080 for “H”
  • Click on “Run” in the top right hand corner of the image processor window.

4)  The script will place a new folder titled “JPEG” in the folder which contains the original image. This new folder contains the modified image.? If the original image was on your desktop, there will be a new folder on your desktop titled “JPEG” which will contain the modified image.
5)  If you want to save any changes to this working image, first give it another name. This will save it as a separate image rather than overwrite your original. For example you could add an “a” so that “DSC1234.jpg” becomes “DSC1234a.jpg” which will store these images consecutively.


As above for a single image except :
3)a  In option 1 select “Select Folder”, click on “Select Folder” to find the required folder, ie.,the one which contains the images you want to process.
5)   This paragraph does not apply, as the images being modified are not opened when a folder is processed.

This is a “non destructive” process as it does not alter the original images. The modified image has had two things done to it -

  • The resolution and therefore the size of the image has been reduced from the original to a maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Depending on the jpeg quality setting used, there may be further compression of the image. The setting of 12 produces the least compression.