Images may be entered in any of the 4 sections:

  • Colour print (CLP)
  • Colour projected digital image (CLD)
  • Black and white [monochrome] print (MCP)
  • Black and white (monochrome) digital image (MCD)


  • A maximum of 4 images per person may be entered on any night, in total (even if the competition has multiple topics).
  • A maximum of 2 images may be entered in any one section (e.g. 2 colour prints and 2 digital images).
  • The same image may not be entered in multiple categories.
  • Any awarded image in an YRPS competition may not be re-entered in another YRPS competition for a minimum of 12 months.


  • All prints must be mounted and have a maximum size, including the mount, of 16 x 20 inches or 40.6cm x 50.8cm (that is 320 square inches).
  • Framing is not permitted.
  • Irregular shaped prints, e.g. Panorama, must show an area up to 320 square inches (2065cm2) including the mount for prints.
  • All print entries must be labelled on the back of the mount with the makers name, the syllabus topic, the section in which they are entered, the date and a title which reasonably describes the image.


  • Digital images should be brought on the night on a USB flash drive.
  • Please label the outside of your USB drive with your name. This will save time when trying to hand back the drives to their owners.
  • Images will be loaded onto the laptop computer, so please allow adequate time for this, prior to the meeting starting time of 7:30pm.
  • Images must be sized to not exceed 1080 pixels in height and 1920 pixels in width and should be saved in high quality JPEG format.
  • See our web page “How to resize your images” for info on how to do this.
  • The naming (identification) of digital images must conform to the following format:
    image title – category code – maker’s name.jpg
  • Examples of the naming system is:
    Morning on the Yarra-CLD-Peter Smith.jpg
    Note: There are no spaces either side of the hyphens. However, please use spaces
    between the title words and your name.


The judges determine which images should be included in the above award classes, entries for the set subject must encapsulate the set theme or topic as a primary criterion by which images should be judged as worthy for consideration for inclusion in the award classes. The Primary criterion should be supported by the overall emotional appeal and visual impact of the image.

Distinction:  An image which combines a perspective treatment of its subject with technical attributes, contributing to its high impact or strong emotional appeal, should be considered for a Distinction.

Merit:  Any image clearly displaying sound treatment of its subject and without major flaws that distract from its intention and having an extra element that lifts it above the ordinary should be considered for a Merit.

Note: There are no set limits to how many award rankings can be distributed across the categories, however we have suggested a percentage figure over all categories. For the end-of-year awards: Aggregate Awards - Distinction will receive 4 points and Merit will receive 2 points. For full details see the membership booklet - to be sent out prior to November competition.

Enquiries about monthly evaluations: